Full Guide on how to capture an in-game video!

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Full Guide on how to capture an in-game video!

Post by Doomie on 2009-01-13, 01:47

This is complete guide on how to catch cheaters ;)

  1. FRAPS / Basics
    For recording an in-game video, you will need to use the most common software, named Fraps.
    Fraps is incredibly easy to use, even if you don't even know anything about video capturing!
    You can have the program from Frap's website ([URL="http://www.fraps.com/"]http://www.fraps.com[/URL]).
    If you prefer a direct link, please visit: http://www.fraps.com/setup.exe
    After download is complete, install the program as you would normally do with any software.
    Note that Fraps is only programmed to capture in-game videos, nothing else!
  2. FRAPS / Setting Fraps up/1
    After installing the software, run it -
    The program icon should be located on the desktop or at the start-menu.
    After you've launched Fraps, move to the Movies tab and choose
    a folder where you wish the recorded movies should be saved to.
    Then choose the button for start/stop recording if you wish.
  3. FRAPS / Setting Fraps up/2
    Now to the most important setting, choosing the FPS...
    Choosing Full-size and/or choosing high FPS will require extremely much from your computer,
    so be wise in this part.
    The better computer, the higher FPS* you should put, in order to make the quality look good ;)

    Don't ask for advice on this step, use your head and go try it yourself, I can't list settings for each computer,
    but i can recommend setting your FPS* to 25
    if you just want to catch cheaters <- which is enough for good evidence & won't slow down your computer too much.
    *(FPS= Frames per second)
  4. FRAPS / Recording!
    So, now to the recording part, which is quite easy btw...
    Just login to the game and press the video capture hotkey which is F9 by default.
    Once you are finished, press it again to stop the record! :)
    To see if it's recording or not, check the FPS letters in the top left corner...
    if it's red, then it means it's recording, if it's green, it mean it's not recording :)

    (unregistered fraps will only let you record for 30seconds each time)
    More then enough to capture cheaters in my opinion ;)

But now when you've captured a video, you'll see that the size of it is HUGE.
If you wish to make it much, much, much smaller, you have to compress it...
keep reading..

  1. VIRTUAL DUB / Basics
    For compressing any kind of movie, you will need, Virtualdub.
    Virtualdub is also very easy to use.
    You can have the program from Virtualdub's website (http://www.virtualdub.org/).
    If you prefer a download link, please visit: http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/
  2. VIRTUAL DUB / Installing
    There is no installing or whatever.
    You will only need to unpack the file from the .rar archive which you just downloaded,
    and it's easily done with WinRAR which you can get from [URL="http://www.rarlabs.com/"]www.rarlabs.com[/URL] or 7-Zip from [URL="http://www.7zip.org/"]www.7zip.org[/URL],
    (Just install one of them & open the rar file by double-clicking)
  3. VIRTUAL DUB / Compressing
    Next step is to open the VirtualDub.exe located in the rar archive &
    *click File -> Open video file.
    *Browse your video and click Open.
    *Now click Video -> Compression

    From now on, you just have to experiment the codecs by yourself.
    I can give you a hint: The higher quality and higher bitrate,
    the higher size will the movie be.
    After choosing and configuring the right codec,
    *click the 'OK' -button then...
    *click on File -> Save as avi... (or click F7)

    Now your movie is ready to be sent & shared with us! ^^
    whether it's proof of cheaters or something funny! hehe :D

I'd suggest you upload the movie to FileFront.com
Then share the link you'll get with us so we can download the movie file ;)

Good luck! And thanks for reading!

Side-notes: Sorry if the tutorial sounds a bit dull, but i made this tutorial when i was tired, barely got any sleep Dead
-Will do some minor fixes/additions later on :D
**Quotes means side-notes


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