Cute guide for the new players!

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Cute guide for the new players!

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-22, 02:20

[Tutorial Written By] fla6230 & Doomie

This server is a bit different from most servers and

as a new player it might seem hard to play on but it is not

Just continue reading to make this a cakewalk...

1st thing you have to know is that u need CP(contribution points).

You will level fast, so try do as many quests as you can (won't be many).

Also try loot all the manufacturer materials starting from lvl 30+ - as they sell for loads of money.

Most expensive are the Gli, Riar and Beam.

From lvl 40+ you should start killing ABAs. Loot their loot, because i think they are the best to earn quick money.

When you reach lvl 45 you should have about 200+ millions or so.

Then you should port to HQ, If you look at the NPCs at ore processor vendor & around sundries...

You will notice strange looking NPC Vendors from what you're used to.

They look like this:

Check them all as they got nice stuff.

Now buy a weapon, you will find relic weapons lv45 at one of these NPCs.

Also try to buy dodge (avoidance) amulets and rings.

You will find the ones that add 45% effect at one of the NPC vendors which could prove to be useful.

You can farm ABAs till you reach lv47 or lv48 but lv47-48 is slow on ABAs but it is good if you wanna earn money.

If you want to lvl faster buy a Belphegor scroll from mysterious ore vendor near HQ port

and fly to VC and kill a few Giant Babas, then at lv48, port to Solus (for bell) and kill 1 ABA.

You will then be 49 with 99% HP - one more ABA and you're done!

Congratulations! You're now lv50.

Now my advice for you is to farm ABAs like crazy till you get 2 billions of money.

It's boring, but with some music & TV on, you won't get bored :D
You can also try to kill Callianas in Ether for money.
But for me, ABAs gives faster money per Hour.

Why farm?

Well... to buy talics!

On this server you can add favor/grace/mercy talics on every piece of armour that you can afford.
Also Upgrading the Armour & some weapons bought from NPC are COMPLETELY SAFE up to +4 - after that it might break though :/

Here is how supreme talics looks like on this server:

Favor talic:

Grace Talic:

Ignorant Talic:

And Mercy Talic:

You will find, "didalos/palmas" etc, armors at one of the NPCs I just showed a bit ago.
I advice you to try upgrade your armour to at least +3 favor/mercy, so you can easily solo the lvl 50+ quests.

You get talics from mining in the Crag Mine or from Outcast's Land.
From snatcher mobs and few other high lvl mobs,
they drop some boxes which contains talics, T3 ore, Capes, lvl 75 wepons...

well that's pretty much all, you will learn more by the time you reach lvl 55
na na na :P

Also very very important, TRY VOTE FOR THIS SERVER EVERY 12H!

You may ask, Why?

Because for voting on all those 4 links given at private office, you
get 1 VC (vote coin) which you can use to get some free donation stuff
or turn it to to HC (Hero coins).
By voting you increase the ranks of this server and we will get more players!

Below is the link where you can vote & manage your account, get premium account , convert VC to HC... AND A LOT MORE!

You need to login with your game account at the following URL:
Private Office

It's not yet in 100% English, but GM Doomie is working on it ;)

Premium account allows you to use lv75 weapon & lv70 armour.....
You can get premium account for 1 week. Premium account is a 25 lvl boost jade.

How you can get so much HC?
Well, you can do the easy way: Donate! :D
Or turn CP(contribution points) to HC
(which is disabled due to exploiters exploiting it, until further notice it will stay disabled)
...Or convert VC to HC ;)

So if you can't donate, then you'd better show up at CWs like crazy and support your race with pride :P

I think this is everything you need to know at the moment, if anyone has anything to help the starters please do! :P

Thanks goes to
fla6230 for making the core of this tutorial!


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Re: Cute guide for the new players!

Post by Doomie on 2009-04-22, 00:48

Just an addition:

In the latest update it's now possible to get a LOT of good stuff from gift boxes in all sizes!
List of their content below:

- From the small gift boxes you can get:

T5 envelope (chance 1%)
Berserker Potion (1%)
5 Jades of 1 LVL (1.5% chance)
99 debuff net (1.5% chance)
1 Talic

- From the middle gift boxes you can get:

30 chips of rank 1 (chance 1%)
30 rank-2 chips (0.5% chance)
Some Talics.

- From the big box you get:

1 premium for the week (chance 0.01%)
30 chips of rank 3 (chance 0.01%)

The rare ores can be obtained easily from almost all high lvl Outcast mobs!
If you're lvl 51 I suggest you got to Kartella Lab and farm there for even more ores!
You'll get bags of them in some hours
(Kartella Lab is accessible through Ether)

Good luck!



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