Doomie's Retirement...

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Doomie's Retirement...

Post by Doomie on 2009-07-27, 04:18

Hello rf-tactical players! It's with sadness that I announce that I'm retiring from my GM position at rf-tactical...
My message to the community below:

Message from mamba...
Black Mamba wrote:Doomie, you have 7 day's for coming here, and post that you are life :D

if you ignore that message, I must will be eliminate you from our moderator's team.

Hello Black Mamba and MAMITA, nice to see you guys.
Oh and yes, I'm alive! heheh thank god lol

I've seen that my time as being a part of the staff is very time-consuming.
First I began with taking a break from my comp, then after a while I realize that my comp has ruined my life...
so I just quit playing, I only use my comp for studies.
But I haven't forgot my friends at pvpworld at all, I just didn't want to risk to be trapped in the same position again.

Sorry for any inconvinience, and sorry to my friends, but my days are over at the gaming world... My real life is way more important, no offense to the good and nice players here though.

I just wanted to give special thanks to MAMITA; who has always supported me.
and to NetSoul(Inquisition) for increasing my knowledge about RF and web-related stuff!
and of course to our admin, Joker, who has worked so hard on this server, I just hope he will try get better then what he already is.
And of course to all my fellow comrades... lol just kidding, but huge thanks to jsubang23(our master artist :D), Donix and last but not least my best friend Deaths1!
I'm sorry that I can no longer stay with you guys, but I'd like to see that you will be successful in the future! :)
And sorry if I missed anyone above, so I'd just like to say thanks to the whole community for supporting me, and all GMs/mods of course ^^

Feel free to send me a mail on []
Because I won't be on forum too frequent :)

Take care everyone! :)

Oh I think this means i have to close down :/
But if not, then who will take over?

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