The Almighty Server Rules!

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The Almighty Server Rules!

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-18, 02:09

Please read through the stuff you're unsure of!
If you're uncertain of something, don't hesitate to contact the RF Tactical Staff!
Obeying rules is fun! :)

  1. Use of 3rd party botting programs/software
    Is absolutely not allowed on this server, anyone who is found
    using, advertising, or encouraging such tools will be banned permanently.
    No Macros can be used in conjunction with a Mob or Player.

  2. Respect the GMs at all times
    Any disrespect towards a GM will be taken action against.
    This includes trash talking, undermining, disobeying or ignoring a GM.

  3. Race Leader Powers Abuse
    Race Leader abuse of his powers will get your character removed for the rest of your Race Leader term.
  4. Flooding
    Please try not to use the macro to spam the living hell out of the chat.
    People don't like it, I don't like it, and I am sure God does not like it either.
    So do not SPAM!!! You can risk a ban if you break this rule

  5. Hiding inside Chip (CW)
    You should not hide from other players inside the chip during Chip War.
  6. Kill stealing
    Should a GM or Admin witness anyone KSing on purpose,
    then we will warn you, if not listening, then we will kick you from the server.
    If not caught, then remember to treat others as you wish to be treated.
    That's at least what we GMs do, so try to follow our example.

  7. Do not do anything that gives you an unfair advantage
    attacking mobs using turrets, macros, or anything else whilst AFK will get a ban.
    ANY player caught using macro's to unfairly (According to our rules) might get a ban first time caught.
    The second time you'll get a permanent ban.

    Note: This includes "Auto Looter" too.

  8. If you are denied from a group or guild
    Do not continue to bother them or haunt them,
    this is considered harassment, learn to respect others decisions.
    PvP Tactical team will not tolerate this and will take action
    (by any proof, or if seen themselves)

  9. Do not harass other players
    This means that private talks that contains hateful words or have a bad,
    unnecessary intent are not allowed.
    If the player reports this is harassment, then you'll risk to get a ban.

    Note: There is a difference in sending a message to someone that says, "I owned you!" (which is ok)
    And one that says, "I "****** you up the *** (Which is not ok).
    Communications like this will not be limited to insults and cursing but also some
    unnecessary commentary will result in a ban from the server and the forums for such behaviour

  10. The use of Chaos Potions
    Is allowed as it is part of the game...
    But use of Chaos Potions to harass another player or harass beginners to the game will be dealt with immediately.
    You CAN NOT take advantage of the ordinary player through suing chaos pot. for example when KSing.
    If it goes too far, you'll risk a ban or get other harsh punishment.
    As seen necessary by the PvP Tactical Team.

  11. Real Money Trading (RMT)
    Is not allowed, simple as that. Breaking this rule will give you a perma ban
  12. Sending false reports
    or complaints about other players / GMs,
    will result in permanent ban without warning.
    The PvP Tactical staff is very busy with management the server,
    so don't waste our time with stupidities.

  13. Fake GM Accounts
    The creation of a character with "GM", "[GM]",
    or any other variation in their name or pretending to be a
    Staff Member is not allowed for any reason by any player. (this includes the forum also)
    The one doing this will get an IP-Ban.


  1. Tradeable items
    If someone is trading something UNTRADABLE to you and you accept it, You will get banned along with that cheater.
  2. Summons
    Do NOT glitch your summon in any location. This includes having it located
    on top of the caves in Volcanic Cauldron where it cannot be hit or any
    other location where it is not able to be targeted and attacked through
    normal conditions.

  3. During CW...
    DO NOT shoot over barricades during CWs to take advantage of not being hit from chip guards.
    If you do this you'll only get kicked if you're lucky. If you repeat it = BAN

  4. Terrain exploits
    where a player takes advantage of the terrain (Ramps in snatcher gates – 213 for example or Elan)
    is NOT tolerated and is a bannable offence.

  5. Turret Glitching in Towns
    Do NOT attack a turret if it can not attack back, this is a glitch in the
    game where the player is at a blind angle/spot of the turret.
    Anyone found committing this offence will receive a ban.

  6. Potion (Pot) Glitching
    The usage of a glitch that drastically reduce potion regen time to almost instantly heal HP.
  7. Duplication of weapons/items
    Is not allowed by any extent, we can see any of such activity
    through our server logs, and if you did it the legitimate way or not.
    you will not get warning if you break this rules! Just instant IP-Banned when noticed

  8. Damage Hacking
    The usage of a hack that greatly increases the damage by allowing the
    player to perform a large number of attacks in
    a short amount of time is strictly forbidden.

  9. Speed Hacking
    The use of a hack that greatly increases the overall speed of the player
    , giving the appearance of the individual "blinking" to different areas.
    Anyone who get caught doing this will get a Permanent game ban.

  10. If you party with cheaters knowing that they cheat, you will receive a 72-hour ban. If you do it again, it’s permanent.
  11. This is to include these and any other as yet undiscovered bugs
    Do not abuse programming bugs to your benefit.
    Should a bug be found, then reporting it is in yours and other players best interest.

There will be consequences to those that break any of the above rules
(depending on the situation of course)

These are simple rules...
Read them, Follow them and Respect them and you shouldn't have any problems ;)

Note: The PvP Tactical Team preserves the right to change or alter rules or punishments at any time as deemed necessary.

Only the admin have the power to give away items.
All other GM accounts can't.

Here is a small list of the major stuff GMs CAN/ CAN'T DO...

  • GMs can't drop loots for you.

  • GMs can't register anything to Auction House.
  • GMs can't trade with you.
  • GMs can't party with you.
  • They can't join guilds.
  • They can't talk in /race chat when admin is online.
  • They can't attack other players at all (only indirectly with areal attacks)
  • They can only attack GMs whenever they want to ;)

If you keep spamming a GM, through PM, you'll get kicked instantly.

Thank you for taking your time to read our rules!
Happy Gaming!

Best Regards


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