Forum Rules (short) [If You Don't Know Good English]

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Forum Rules (short) [If You Don't Know Good English]

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-16, 02:51

There are different forms of spam such as being off topic in a thread or

making trouble in the forum by posting the same thing constantly,
making that on purpose to cause problems.

Advertising sites on this forum is strictly forbidden.

Some people understand this rule in a wrong way.
It is not acceptable
to advertise sites, however, you can post links to sites if they have
anything to do with RF Online (such as sites which contain game
resources like guides/items lists etc),
if you are asked by a user who
needs help you may do so.
(Linking to another RFO private server is strictly forbidden)

.:Duplicate Threads:.
Please try not to post duplicate threads in this forum.

This is only acceptable for help threads as different people can post different tips for
your problem even if it's the same as someone already asked.

Flaming - Please do not flame other people.
Flaming has several meanings. You can either be in argument with someone or call him names.
This can make the person feel bad and he might be hurt by your words.
If you ever come across any post like that use the
report feature or PM a mod/admin,
preferably a mod, as they are not as occupied as admins usually are.

As some of you know, children of all ages come to this forum.
Therefore you aren't allowed to post nudity pics or links on these forums.
Nor you can use avatars/signatures and such on RF Tactical
since this is
against our Rules.

Impersonating a staff member:
never attempt to post claiming you are a staff member.

This kind of behavior is not acceptable and you can get in trouble.
IP ban is an option if it gets a problem.

Pointless Posts:
Please don't make any posts that don't contribute to the topic, but only say
something like "Sorry, but I don't know the answer either."
Replies like this will be removed

Requesting thread being closed or telling people what to do or not do in the forum is

considered Dismembering. Do not do this!
If you see a thread that you
believe should be closed, or a
post that should be deleted just use the
report button or PM a forum moderator.

.:NO PM Support!:.
Support is offered only via these forums and in-game.
Do not contact team members privately (via any method) to ask for support.
Users found to be contacting team members/admin asking for support will be warned.

Color & Bold texts is reserved to the staff! Abusing these will give you a warning!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your stay and have fun!



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