How to Donate and what you get

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How to Donate and what you get

Post by Donix on 2008-12-24, 00:25

How to donate:

Login to your PO (Private Office)
Go to Actions -> Information -> Paypal
And you will get information on how send money.

Server have another way for donation, it is to send wmz, 1wmz=1$
If you wont donate for it Go here
when it write how much you want to send in wmz then click the button ^^
What you can get for Donat

You can buy this

You can buy all talics

You can buy Premium Account (25+ lvl jade)
Buy some potions.

If want to buy more you need to pm joker
sorry i not gm and cant pm you joker ICQ ask about it GM

Hope this helps
Sorry for mistakes

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Re: How to Donate and what you get

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-26, 22:01

Thanks for the tutorial Donix, i fixed the grammar a bit... which wasn't easy xD



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