How to get fast support!

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How to get fast support!

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-21, 15:27

First of all. I'm pretty sure GM have a life, right?
They work, go to school, they take care of their families etc. so they cant be on 24h a day.

Now. When you guys send e-mail write PM to us, you should send a very small/ short PM.
I mean, write the shortest as possible and clearly so we don't have to spend like 5 minutes to figure out what you need...

Here is somethings you can do. (which usually results in that you get an answer very quickly).

  • Write the essence of your request in the Subject section, and make it thorough, so that we can prioritize your message.
  • Write the message as short as possible, not more then what is needed.
  • Make sure you give the most important details so we can be prepared to answer your PM immediately.
  • Last but not least, dO not ABUSE CaPS, be polite/gentle, don't ever complain to a mod in person. Complain about mods, by sending a PM to me.
Thanks for taking your time to read!



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