PvP event 3vs3 [Split]

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Re: PvP event 3vs3 [Split]

Post by jhensan23 on 2008-12-23, 18:31

Last Man Standing:
simply event for pvpers
Rules :
No teleporting to HQ
only 1 life after death you cant back to event
Everything avaible ( Maus, Striekrs, Sumoners
every1 Need to have chaos pots
Cant hide in seete every1 need to atk
No Ally
Gm choose time i propose after cw at 5:55 am GMT -8 the most players online
all 3 races porting to seete zone all useing chaos pots and pvp the
people who die cant back last man who will alife win the event ( price:
GM will choose it) , GM will stand on each portal so if some1 will want
to port after event start will be kicked from event the same if some1
die and want to back also.

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Re: PvP event 3vs3 [Split]

Post by Deaths1 on 2008-12-24, 00:45

jhensan23 if your suggesting a diffrent event can u make a new topic for it plz :D


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