Technical Problems? Troubleshoot here first!

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Technical Problems? Troubleshoot here first!

Post by Doomie on 2008-11-06, 01:28

Welcome to The PvP Tactical server!

If you don't want to browse through the whole forum just to find it
answered or not. Then Please read below to check if there is a fix for you...

Now I'll give you some of the most common issues that other players experienced.

Read the following according to your problem:

  1. Crag mine map error.
    To fix this issue, download this small Map folder fix and overwrite the content that you can find at the Map folder inside your installation folder.
  2. Unable to establish connection to server. Or similar.
    You might want to check whether your firewall is blocking the launcher from connecting to the server or not. Try disable it.

    If that's not the issue, check your anti-virus as well.
    If you're unsure if the server is online check this link
  3. Wrong account input. Or other trouble logging in. Or similar
    Download the small patch I supplied, Click this for the download link to fix your login problem(s)
    How to Install: Just extract everything and put it in your rfo installation directory.
    BUT before you do that, make sure you delete ALL files
    inside your RFO installation directory. But keep the including maps intact.

    Anything unclear? Check this picture below for clarification,
    >> Delete everything inside the marker, don't touch the folders! <<
  4. Trouble registering your account?
    This might help you register your own account, [Link] << It's all in English! ;)
  5. If you experience lag during the game
    View this topic To find out why

[b][i]I'll put up more info on getting-in-game issues when I find new intel ^^

I Hope you'll enjoy your stay here :)

Best Regards,

Note that you can find this in the FAQ section as well, available through the forum's menu.

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