Summons Bug Cora

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Summons Bug Cora

Post by godsmacku on 2008-12-20, 19:56

  • Category: Summons
  • Race: Cora
  • Detailed Information: The starting level 50 summons that are given right off the bat do not level after you go over level 50+. Could you look into that and possible fix or at least put 55 full/sealed summons in the force manager

Edit: fixed the list -Doomie

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Re: Summons Bug Cora

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-21, 03:01

At the moment there are no lvl 51+ summons on this server. Sorry for that.
But it does exist on the official server :)
Thanks for feedback though ^^ much appreciated! :D

Since this is not really a bug, I'll lock this topic now

=> Locked



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