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Post by Jsubang23 on 2009-05-20, 11:45

Choosing the right antivirus for you pc. i hope this would help you out for you pc's protection.
AVG free edition= very good antivirus, protects your pc well. downside: it will eat up alot of your ram if it is updated.

Norton antivirus= good protection. downside: note good on most virus, updates takes time, not a friendly user interface.

Avast Antivirus free= very very very good antivirus, really protects your pc, if there is a virus it will deleted automatically and will mark down for that virus like a most wanted person. downside well it was expiration but you can a free key for the program that will last for 6 months and you can get a free key as you want.

for me i would recomend Avast Antivirus free for you pc. not heavy on your ram and protects your pc.


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