Improve your Graphics cards performance

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Improve your Graphics cards performance

Post by Jsubang23 on 2009-05-20, 04:32

Hi there guys. Korkor here. i hope this tip would help you improved your graphics card and maybe less lag coz this one really improved my graphics card, i am using a ATi Radeon HD3870[512mb(GDDR4 memory chip)]. anyways its really simple. you just download a software called Directx. this a software from microsoft. here is the download link l9hzh5. just download it then it will start updated the software then after that i recommend to restart your computer. after that well you will fill different from your computer system without this update, hope i help you guys.

pls note that downloading this link pls don''t distribute ok coz i was the one uploaded the files coz i know most of you guys don''t use genuine windows xp. pls guys don''t ditribute it.


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