[Solved] A Bug that need to be rezolved.

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[Solved] A Bug that need to be rezolved.

Post by AngelShade on 2009-01-21, 06:03

Ok after i playin for a while hitted lvl 36 as a mage, i go to twin cave in solus , and started to hit the mob once with meteor, but didnt work... it hitted after 2 seconds give me a error then shut down the game, after that every time i use force or attack it just exit the game and give me an error.

This is the screenshot i made to show u the actualy error
Critical Error Screenshot

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Re: [Solved] A Bug that need to be rezolved.

Post by Doomie on 2009-01-21, 16:00

That's easy to fix ;)
This happens to all servers, and there are many reasons.
But i can't list all of them here, i would get a headache.

But i can tell you how to fix it...
First of all, try to re-install the patch & overwrite everything in your RFO installation directory.
If it still didn't work, make sure you got the correct client version (v2.1.5) ;)


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