[Solved] Having some trouble getting connected.

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[Solved] Having some trouble getting connected.

Post by Metalmouse on 2008-12-31, 08:22

I've downloaded the client and the patch from the sites links, and made my account. Though the account form is all in Russian. so I'm pretty sure I did it right , since it seems to be in the same standard order as others "name pw, pw, e-mail, e-mail". But cant be certain...that could be my problem.

In any case now that everything's patched and updated its still giving me trouble. It keeps telling me wrong ID or PW once I try to login. And I'm sure I'm useing the right one x.x I even made another account and wrote down all my info carefully to be absolutely sure. Is there a waiting period before an accounts approved? If so how long is it? I've been waiting awhile..just want to be sure I installed correctly and have everything else right so its ready to go once I get this fixed.

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Re: [Solved] Having some trouble getting connected.

Post by Doomie on 2009-01-03, 16:03

Sorry for the delay. but maybe this link will help you on the move --> Game account registration


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