Found a trojan inside the launcher? *Please Read*

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Found a trojan inside the launcher? *Please Read*

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-31, 05:25

first of all i just want to point out that the launcher is harmless, because the trojan doesn't really exist...

Almost all anti-virus software finds something in them.
That's because the file code is similar to the trojan, though they does nothing harmless.
It's simply a fake alert from your anti-virus!

So I suggest you just put the launcher file to your ignore list on your anti-virus.
If you got any problem, I might try to help. Just start a topic in the Help & Support section, located on this forum

Note: Trojans steal personal information, and if there really was a
trojan on our launcher then it would mean that we want to steal your
game account, which we are not!
But if you still think we somehow need your game account then i suggest you don't play at this server!
As you might know we already got access to ALL game accounts on this server.

Hope I made myself clear Enough!

Thank you for reading :)


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