Mod Applicattion-[MAMITA][Split]

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Re: Mod Applicattion-[MAMITA][Split]

Post by godsmacku on 2008-12-27, 00:47

MAMITA wrote:First of all a pleasant greetings to the readers.Im Edgar D. Castro, A age of 19 and I want to become a moderator on these newely created forum by creative Doomie. Since, these is my dream job and its really fit on my personality and creates me a room to help newly players going in a server. And also it serve as my dream breaking role on my job as it my 2nd chance to become a MOD. first is i am an active forum member at warzone51(1st JOker server) and willing to help him cleaning and maintaning. I already ask him the persmision to be one of his coleague but i guest that's not my chance and time i get declined but i did not get down and cry as if i accept's the fate i get and stand up on my bare feet and still an active participant to its forum and still doing whats its right. Now, the time his 2nd server rf-tactical which bring me the couragenes to help him especially Doomie hiring moderator. I didnt hesitate to apply and wish to help and bring me the luck to be accepted.(since, ive already wasted my entire 4 years on RF every server around world i enter, I guest i've already have the things and ideas of a rf player to be exiled and shared to you all).Im willing to help you and share my ideas and fact.i guest im always online a day or 6 times a week, since im still a college student and willing to read all your thought and comment youve been post. Im edgar a.k.a MAMITA would really appreciate you as i share to you my words and if i get criticize by others i accept it truely and hardly and improve my well mind. Thnx and more power the server.

Are you the son of the Castro of cuba?

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Re: Mod Applicattion-[MAMITA][Split]

Post by MAMITA on 2008-12-27, 00:53

no, im philipino. Fidel castro(cuban) is on our blood line :D but to far on us. but guest hes maybe like me sometimes. Laughing in Secret



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