The moderator Application Outline!

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The moderator Application Outline!

Post by Doomie on 2008-12-26, 17:26

Hello Hai There

RF Tactical now has a new way of recruiting moderators -- through applications ;)

If you are interested in becoming a moderator at RF Tactical, you may post your
application here.
Please understand, however, that this is not just a
"casual" process.
Each application will be reviewed thoroughly and many
will sure be declined.
Please do not get upset if you are declined. You may
reapply up to once per month :)

To apply:

Create a thread in this forum entitled "Mod Application - [your username]"
without the quotes, and replacing
"[your username]" with your actual
The title will be changed by me to "accepted"
or "declined" once it is reviewed.

The thread should contain a poll entitled "Would I make a good
moderator?" with the following three options:
"Yes," "No," and "No
This poll is for other members and moderators to vote on. You
may not vote yourself, even if you can!
We can see who voted...

The body of the post should contain the following information, answered thoroughly in complete sentences with proper English.

  • Why do you want to become a moderator?
  • Are you qualified to become a moderator? What qualifies you to become a moderator?
  • Do you have previous experience at any other forum as a moderator?
  • What do you have to offer RF Tactical?
  • Are you willing to read every post in your assigned forums?
  • Can
    you follow every specific directions? Can you take criticism well and
    improve upon yourself when it is offered, or do you get upset when you
    are criticized?
  • How often do you visit RF Tactical and for how long each visit?
  • Any other relevant information that you believe will make any good to your application.


  • Applying does not mean that you will become a moderator. If your application is declined, you may reapply once per month.
  • In
    addition to being a normal, active, and contributing RF Tactical member,
    moderators are expected to do the following: be courteous and
    respectful to the members, use mostly proper English in posts, delete
    spam posts and discipline members accordingly, and follow the
    instructions of your superiors.
  • Moderating takes time and effort. It is not all fun and games.
  • Moderators
    are volunteers. They are not paid. They dedicate themselves to RF Tactical
    solely because they want to help grow the community.
  • You must remain active at RF Tactical.

All applications will be reviewed over the course of several days to a
couple of days after they are posted.
A sure way to VOID your application is to private message an administrator
telling them that your application has not been reviewed! >.<

There also may be times when RF Tactical does not need any additional moderators.
If that's the case, your application will remain in
"pending" status and you will be notified.

Good luck to each of you!


(Thx to for helping me with the mod application outline)


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